Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

As I dropped Bridget off for preschool this morning, I got a text from my husband: “You should take Timothy to the Bretton Woods nursery and ski some fresh snow this morning after his nap.” Well, okay! After all, if we live in the mountains, why not take advantage of the skiing and fresh powder?!?

Although this coastal storm was not supposed to bring as much snow for us as Southern New Hampshire, we have already exceeded the high end of the snow total estimates, and it is still coming down hard. I'll bet we're close to a foot of new snow by now.

By the time I dropped Timothy off at the nursery and booted up, I only had 90 minutes to ski, so I decided to try the trails on West Mountain, where the ride back up the mountain is quick and there are numerous choices for tree skiing. But as I headed down Aggasiz, I realized I didn’t even need to get into the glades to find a bounty of untracked powder. There were plenty of other people out enjoying the snow this morning with me, but the snow was coming down so hard that with every run, our tracks were covered again with fresh snow.

Waumbeck, Starr King, Little Tuck's and Wild West Glade were delightful. The West Mountain lift operator commented every time I hopped on that judging from the grin on my face, the conditions must be superb.

Don’t let this wonderful weather pass you by… do whatever you can to make it outside today. Ski, snowshoe, sled, or just take a walk around the block. Bundle up and feel the snow on your nose. Make a snow man. Then come in for some hot cocoa and sit by the fire. Enjoy!


  1. Oh, Martha, thank you for this blog! I love the way you describe your fun. Totally makes it seem easy and....well, necessary! See you around! - Leah

  2. Thanks for reading, Leah! Hope Tommy is loving his lessons!