Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kinderwoods Playground at Bretton Woods

With two kids down and out with colds this past weekend, we had to stay inside and rest, with the hopes that they’ll recover and we’ll be back outdoors soon. Plans were cancelled and Outdoor Mom was a bit frustrated stuck inside, but as I've learned, sometimes the kids need something besides what I had originally planned, and I've got to be flexible and creative. Indoors, Bridget practiced making ski wedges for a little muscle memory and Timothy even got into the spirit, asking to put on a ski to scoot around on the carpet.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some pictures of Bridget and Timothy at the Kinderwoods Playground at the base of Bretton Woods. With short attention spans, it’s great to have another choice for the little monkeys to climb and explore. You know Bretton Woods had kids and parents in mind when they created this spot for when they need a break from skiing or a fun diversion when you’re on kid duty while using the Family Interchangeable Ticket.

Like a winter version of a traditional playground, there’s a climbing structure with swings, slides, tunnels and a climbing wall, all with a soft snow landing. Bridget giggles as she calls to her brother from one end of the tunnel to the other; Timothy squeals with delight as he hurls himself down the slide and then points and grunts to be picked up and placed on the top of the slide again.

But unlike the traditional playground, there are some ski area features that make this a huge draw for the kids. A mini zipline transports Bridget through the air just like the adult version of the Canopy Tour up on the mountain. A gondola provides the base for the imaginations to run as we climb in and pretend to soar up the mountain and wave to everyone outside. And a toddler sled carousel takes the small ones for a circular amusement park ride.

I had to pry the kids away from the playground the afternoon I took these pictures, but I knew that naps were due and that if we left with smiles still on their faces, they's be excited to come back for more another day.

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