Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Trails

The last day of the ski season always takes me by surprise.  Sure, the sun is starting to turn the snow
into fishing streams, and we've recently stretched our legs on our bikes that have sat cooped up all winter, but it seems like we just got going with this wonderful snow-filled season.

Riding the chairlift over the soft corn snow for it's last turn up the mountain this spring,  I thought back to some of the chilly adventures that filled our days this winter.  We skied with buddies, learned more tips on how to ski better, cross-country skied, flew through the trees on the Canopy Tour,  rock climbed,  and got to know the new Stickney Cabin.

Our last day of the season was filled with giggles and fun, as Bridget cruised through the heavy snow and Timmy finally started to see that he could stop himself just by turning across the mountain.

From the peak of Mount Rosebrook, Timmy and I cruised all the way around the mountain, down High Ridge and Outer Bounds, past the top of the the Zephyr Quad and Chutters, and down Avalon and back to the base via Crawford Ridge.  I was excited to see how his skills and stamina have grown over the year.

I kept Timmy's harness on as we navigated the mountain, but I have a feeling that he'll be ready to slip and slide all on his own next year... and the harness will probably just not appear next winter.

Bridget was all smiles on this sunny day.  Unlike last year, when we were skirting around some bare spots, the snow blanketed nearly every trail.  Bridget said her favorite part of the year was taking lessons with Jess, and Timmy's was riding the new T-bar and roasting marshmallows outside the new Stickney cabin.  The cabin was a highlight for me, too, especially for the fact that in our ever-evolving routines as an outdoor family, we're now able to all ski together on the mountain, and I know that's just going to get better with time.

Thanks so much for joining us this winter for a fun ride in the snow.  

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