Monday, November 21, 2011

Let the Fun Begin!

Free skiing and riding at Bretton Woods for opening day tomorrow! Complimentary lift tickets all around on November 22 for those fortunate enough to be able to sneak away to celebrate the (unofficial) beginning of winter at Bretton Woods.   They’ll be starting with the Learning Center Quad tomorrow, with a few fun terrain park elements, and hopefully we’ll be skiing on Bigger Ben and Bretton’s Woods trails off the Bethlehem Quad by Friday.  So get your Thanksgiving grocery shopping done today and join me on the slopes tomorrow!

The start of the ski season has always been full of anticipation for me, as memories of powder days and bluebird skies come flooding back after being put on a shelf for the summer while we enjoyed the warmer side of the year.  But now as a mom, there’s a new source of inspiration as I see four-year-old Bridget and her shadow, two-year-old Timmy, get that sparkle in their voices as they talk of skiing and playing in the snow. 

Although I know that for myself there are always new tree lines that need discovery and new skills to be mastered on the Nordic trails, I’m more excited this year to see where the slopes and trails will take my son and daughter.  At the end of last season, Bridget was starting to venture off the bunny hill for a few runs, and Timmy was eager to ride the chairlift like the big kids.  Their growth seems exponential at this stage, and I’m so looking forward to watching them gain confidence and success. 

If the excitement of ski season was ever in doubt, though, there’s one sure way straight to inspiration: a Warren Miller film!  Warren Miller is a ski legend, famous for his plethora of movies that celebrate all the things we love about the sport.  Famous snowsports athletes are flown all over the world to show off their skills, set to the background of jaw-dropping cinematography and heart-pumping music that would get even the most reluctant off the couch.  And this year, part of that world-renowned skiing will include a segment from Tuckerman Ravine, shot on the other side of our own Mount Washington

We’ve arranged for a babysitter this Friday night so we can join in the Homecoming festivities centered around the showing of this year’s film, "... Like There's No Tomorrow".  In addition to the adrenaline-fueled movie, there’s some great swag for the taking in raffle prizes from TreeTop Sports and the movie sponsor, RAMP Sports

Hope to see you there!

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